What is OT?

What is Children's Occupational Therapy ?


Paediatric Occupational Therapists work with children and young people to maximise their participation in daily life. This can include:

* Self care (dressing, eating, toileting, sleeping, washing)

* Productivity (Nursery activities or school work)

* Leisure activities (playing, hobbies).

We aim to increase independence and participation with these skills.


Empowering parents and other people working with children is the key to achieving positive outcomes.





Who does Blossom Children's Occupational Therapy typically support?


Any baby, child or young adult experiencing challenges with their Leisure, Self Care or School work/ play due to :Illness, disability, or family circumstance. This could include the following:


*Autistic Spectrum Disorder

*Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)/Dyspraxia

*Sensory Processing Difficulties

*Developmental Delay

*Learning difficulties


*Down’s Syndrome


*Cerebral Palsy

*Muscular Dystrophy

*Other genetic or physical disabilities




How can Blossom Children's Occupational Therapy help Children?


Once I have identified the Child's usual occupations/ activities, I can understand any difficulties they may face.


I will support Parents and Teachers or other relevant Professionals to evaluate their Child's challenges and provide intervention for those which are important to the child. This may include suggestions of alternative ways to do things, providing advice to support learning new techniques or simply recommending equipment or adaptations to their environment.